餅つき Mochitsuki
一般家庭で古典的餅つき風景を見ることは少なくなったが、自治会や子供会の行事としては今も人気があり、歳末年始の風物詩となっている。 Since early times, Mochi is the holy food for BUdda or God in Japan.
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もちもち つきたてもち
“おもち もちもち つきたてもちっ。 昨日、みんなでついたやわらか〜いおもち。絶品でした。
みんな大好き  つきたてお餅 お雑煮、あんこ餅、 黄な粉餅などに
Thanks everybody for arranging this wonderful rice cake making party, it really gives me a great insight about Japanese culture. What impressed me is not just the delicious rice cake, but also the harmonious in Japanese communities: through various traditional activities, the interaction between neighbors, generations and peers are all facilitated, furthermore, the traditional culture is inherited and spread. I think this is a Japanese treasure which worth the world to admire. fan yang
First of all, I would like to thank you to give me a chance to join the rice cake making party. I really enjoy this event. The rice cake making party was very fun and everybody was so kind and friendly. I had a chance to make rice cake which I just know how to make it and also tried the rice cake that we made and soup ほんとに美味しいです! Moreover, I met many little girls who want to speak english and play japanese card game. I wish I will have a chance to meet them again and maybe teach them some english. どもありがとうございます。 Thank and best regards, Nattakarn W.
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